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About iL & Belle's Barkery, LLC

My almost 9 year old canine son is a cocker spaniel/maltese mix. His name is LB, short for “Little Buddy.” And my almost 8 year old canine daughter is a schnauzer mix. Her name is Bella Ritz. “L” and “Belle” are my pet names for them, and they are truly two of the three loves of my life. Their human sister was added to the mix in September 2019.

As a play on words, I found the French words for “he” to be “il” and “she” to be “elle,” birthing           

iL & Belle’s Barkery, LLCA bakery for those who bark.

Shopping for dog food and treats is always a chore, as I am a label reader. I’m sure that I read more labels on LB and Bella’s food than I do on my own. Yes, I take my role as parent seriously. If their ingredients list added sugar, it’s a no go. If there is added color: Red40, Yellow5, Blue2… it’s a no go. If corn is one of the first five ingredients, it’s a no go. Corn is a filler by the way. It’s hard to get away from the preservatives though, as preservatives is what prolongs its shelf life. However, I decided that I wanted my canine kids to have access to great tasting, yet healthy treats. And the only way I can ensure that is to bake their treats myself from whole grain, natural products; minus the added sugar and other additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, and fillers. I started this process on January 21, 2019, and it quickly manifested into a business venture to offer these nutritious and delicious treats to other parents of canine kids. Therefore, you can now call me your canine kids’ best friend.

I am LB and Bella’s Mom,

Jessica Y. Green

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